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The Methow Valley Guardian Angel (MVGA) Program matches volunteers to those people in our community who want to remain in their home, but are at risk of becoming socially or physically isolated. The MVGA Volunteer provides, foremost, a caring relationship to his or her client.  Depending on the Client's needs, relationships may include light housekeeping, transportation to medical appointments and/or shopping.

Eunice Marchbank, Administrator

This site provides the following information to the Methow Valley community:

 (1)  Introduces the MVGA Program and a bit of its history.

(2)  Provides event notices to MVGA Volunteers.

(3)  Offers resources to MVGA Volunteers in support of their caring mission.

(4)  Offers potential Volunteers, Clients, and/or Client families introductory information related to the Program.

Please note that any references to MVGA persons and / or photos of MVGA persons have been graciously offered for use on this web site.

methow guardian angels is one of several avenues in which the cove offers community supPort.  see [thecovecares.com]