About Us


In 2002, as an extension of the Cove mission, Glenn Schmekel designed a program called Faith in Action Guardian Angels, now named Methow Valley Guardian Angels (MVGA).  Volunteers visit the elderly or persons with chronic disabilities to provide a supportive kinship, thereby keeping the supported person from becoming isolated.   Support such as transportation to shopping and/or medical appointments is usually offered, which may enable Clients to stay in their homes longer.

Our local MVGA Program is affiliated with the national program office, which has since changed its name to the National Volunteer Caregivers Network (NVCN).  This national organization was initiated in the mid-1980s by seed money from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and for the next two decades provided support and technical assistance to volunteer care giving programs (read more history of the national organization at http://www.nvcnetwork.org/).

Vision & Mission Statement

The mission of the MVGA program is to improve the care and support of the elderly and persons with chronic illnesses or disabilities in our community, through personal contact by a special friend, a Guardian Angel.


Executive Director,
Glenn Schmekel

1)  Provides liaison to/from other Cove Programs.

2)  Participates on the GA Advisory Board.

Michelle Jerome

Michelle Jerome crop1

1)  Provides day-to-day operations guided by the Mission Statement and Program objectives.

2)  Interviews and evaluates potential Volunteers & Clients, assigns Client / Volunteer matches, and provides startup relationship support as needed.

3)  Recruits Volunteers, Board members, provides Networking and Volunteer Training, and chairs the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board

The MVGA Advisory Board is comprised of the Executive Director, Administrator and volunteers dedicated to the MVGA Mission, providing operational support, program guidance, and evaluation.

Program Statistics

Average # of hours worked per week for a Matched Volunteer: 1.0

Average training hours per year: 4.6 hrs

Average Admin hours per month: 25.8 hrs

Program overhead: Admin hours / Matched Volunteer hours: 11.7%    

Total friendly visiting hours for 2012: 823

Total Volunteer hours provided for transportation in 2012: 457

Total Volunteer miles driven in 2012: 11,570

methow guardian angels is one of several avenues in which the cove offers community supPort.  see [thecovecares.com]