A Volunteer's assignment to a Client is called a Match and is done after consideration of the personality styles and residence location of Client and Volunteer.  Our Administrator, Michelle has acquired considerable skill at identifying workable pairs, much as the match makers of old.  The following are examples of some partnerships that have been established.

DSC02038 2

Terry Mathis (left) & Margaret Hill (right)

Terry and Margaret met four years ago in the Guardian Angel program.  Since then, their growing friendship has become very close. “It’s as though Margaret is part of the family”.  Terry and Margaret visit each other and Margaret was invited by Terry’s daughter for her high school graduation party.

WayneVirgil Resized

Wayne Mendro (left) & Virgil Hill (right)

  Wayne and Virgil have been friends for a number of years.  Virgil has considerable knowledge of the Methow Valley, its historical people and particularly likes to go for car rides with Wayne.  Virgil's hearing has deteriated with age, so the car rides have served to provide a quiet place for sharing his knowledge and being with Wayne, a friend.

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